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Linguistic Terms

word class  part of speech  
adverbial expression  
adverb group  adverb phrase  
local adverb  
temporal adverb  
modal adverb  
causal adverb  
interrogative adverb  
conjunctional adverb  


Getrennt- und Zusammenschreibung: Adverbien, Konjunktionen, Präpositionen, Pronomen
Groß- und Kleinschreibung: Als Nomen verwendete Wörter
Reform: Getrennt/Zusammen: Mehrteilige Adverbien


Adverb: Causal adverbs
Adverb: Classes
Adverb: Comparison
Adverb: Conjunctional adverbs
Adverb: Interrogative adverbs
Adverb: Introduction
Adverb: Local adverbs
Adverb: Modal adverbs
Adverb: Particles
Adverb: Sentence adverbs
Adverb: Temporal adverbs
Adverb: Use and function
Constituents of the sentence: Adverbial: Form
Constituents of the sentence: Adverbial: Meaning
Inflection: Uninflectable word classes
Phrases: Adverb phrase
Phrases: Noun Phrase: Attribute = adverb
Pronominal adverb
Pronominal adverb: Form
Pronominal adverb: Function


Compounding: Adjective + Adverb
Compounding: Adverb
Compounding: Adverb + Adverb
Compounding: Adverb + Preposition
Compounding: Noun + Adverb
Compounding: Preposition + Adverb
Compounding: Preposition + Preposition
Compounding: Preposition + Pronoun
Derivation: Adjective/pronoun to adverb
Derivation: Adverb derivation
Derivation: Adverb to adverb
Derivation: Noun to adverb
Derivation: Preposition to adverb
Derivation: Verb to adverb


Adverb: Noun, Neuter
Spelling Word Forms Wordformation


Related Terms

Generic term   Partikel

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