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Linguistic Terms

tense-mood signal  TM  
sequence of tenses  consecutio temporum  
future  future tense  
present  present tense  
past tense  simple past  preterite  imperfect tense  
perfect tense  present perfect tense  present perfect  compound past  
past perfect tense  past perfect  


Verb: Grammatical categories of the verb
Verb: Inflection: Complex tenses
Verb: Inflection: Endings
Verb: Inflection: Irregular verbs
Verb: Inflection: Regular verbs
Verb: Inflection: Simple Tenses
Verb: Tense
Verb: Tense: Future I
Verb: Tense: Future II
Verb: Tense: Past perfect
Verb: Tense: Perfect
Verb: Tense: Perfect with haben or sein
Verb: Tense: Present
Verb: Tense: Preterite
Verb: Tense: Sequence of tenses (Consecutio Temporum)
Verb: Tense: Table of the tense functions

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