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Genitive singular with s or es

Three groups of nouns forming the genitive singular with s or es can be distinguished:
Genitive   only with es
only with s
with s and es
It is not always easy to predict to which of these three groups a noun belongs. When in doubt, check the corresponding entry in the Inflection Dictionary.

Genitive only with es:

  • Nouns ending in s, ß, x or z
Nominative Genitive
Glas Glases
Strauß Straußes
Schluss Schlusses
Reflex Reflexes
Sturz Sturzes
All examples

Words taking exclusively an es-genitive are found in the following inflection classes:


Genitive only with s :

  • Many nouns ending in an unstressed syllable:
    Nominative Genitive
    Abend Abends
    Käfig Käfigs
    Nachbar Nachbars
    Reichtum Reichtums
  • Nouns ending in an unstressed e, el, er, en, chen, lein und ling, always take only s.
Nominative Genitive
Gelübde Gelübdes
Vogel Vogels
Arbeiter Arbeiters
Boden Bodens
Häuschen Häuschens
Zicklein Zickleins
Lehrling Lehrlings
  • Most borrowed words:
    Nominative Genitive
    Adjektiv Adjektivs
    Textil Textils
    Doktor Doktors
    General Generals

    in particular borrowed words that also form the plural with s:
Nominative Genitive
Team Teams
Hotel Hotels
Gourmet Gourmets
Feuilleton Feuilletons
All examples

All the words belonging to the following inflection classes form the genitive singular exclusively with s:

s/en foreign

Most borrowed words belonging to the following inflection class form the genitive singular exclusively with s:


Genitive es and s

  • All other nouns which form the genitive with es/s:
Nominative Genitive
Blut Blutes
Kamel Kameles
Staat Staates
Insekt Insektes
Buch Buches
All examples

Nouns with (e)s-genitive are found in the following inflection classes:


Regional Variants

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