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Adverb (phrase) as noun attribute

When an adverb qualifies a noun, it is an attribute of the noun. The adverb and the noun (whether or not in combination with other extensions) form a noun phrase.

der Baum dort
im Haus nebenan
die Sitzung gestern

Adverb phrase

The adverb can also be the head of an adverb phrase:

der Baum dort auf dem Hügel
im Haus
gleich nebenan
die Sitzung
gestern Nachmittag


The adverb is usually placed after the noun.

Adverbs used as noun attributes

Only a few adverbs are used as noun attributes: the most common local adverbs as well as some temporal adverbs such as heute, morgen, gestern, damals, neulich, eben.

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