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Inflectable word classes: Inflection

Inflectable words are words that have different forms when they appear in different contexts:

reden: Ich rede, du redest, er redet, wir haben geredet usw.
Buch: ein Buch, eines Buches, zwei Bücher, mit mehreren Büchern usw.
klein: Er ist klein; eine kleine Nachtmusik, der kleinere Bruder, das kleinste Stück usw.

In the Word Grammar, inflection rules show how German words are inflected. Comprehensive tables, examples and explanations present the regularities and exceptions of the specific declensions and conjugations. Particularities like umlaut in the plural forms of certain nouns are also shown.

The individual inflection rules can be found in the description of the corresponding word class:


Each inflection rule provides you with the possibility to generate a list of all words that inflect with it. Example: Show all irregular verbs in the inflection rule for irregular verbs.

There are several different ways to find information on inflection and inflection classes:
  • by navigating through the menus ( Noun, Verb, ...);

  • by searching a word in the Inflection Dictionary:
    Choose the option "Inflection" in the pup-up menu of the search box and enter a word. In the inflection table of the word, click on the link shown with "Inflection class". The corresponding inflection rule window will be opened. Show example search with gehen.

  • by searching a linguistic term like "umlaut" or "regular verb":
    Choose the option "All" in the pop-up menu of the search box and enter the linguistic term. As a result, you will see a list of links into the Glossary, the Word Grammar, etc. Show example search with regular verb.

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