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The verb

Words like the following are called verbs:

arbeiten, schreiben, essen, regnen, sein, bleiben, wissen, einschlafen, hinaufsteigen, abtrocknen, fabrizieren

Verbs denote actions, processes and states.

The main function of verbs is to form the predicate of a sentence. The predicate is the central constituent of a sentence that governs the other constituents of the sentence. A predicate always consists of at least one finite verb form (= verb form having a specific person and number):

Ich gehe nach Hause.
haben lange an diesem Projekt gearbeitet.
Das Geschirr
wurde nicht abgetrocknet.

Verbs can be inflected (conjugated). The inflected wordforms of a verb express the categories person, number, mood, tense and active/passive.

Verbs are described under the following topics:

Inflection How are the wordforms constructed?
Grammatical categories What are person, number, mood, tense and voice?
Semantic classes Action, process or state?
Aspect Duration and completedness of the verb action?
Full verb, auxiliary, modal verb How is the predicate formed?
Verb and other constituents What constituents do verbs combine with?

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