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Dictionary of German Wordformation

Here you will find graphic representations of wordformation relations for over 250,000 German dictionary entries with links to the corresponding wordformation rule.

Restricting the search to this dictionary

To restrict the search to the wordformation dictionary, select Dictionary Wordformation from the list in the search field (run examples: informieren, Aquarium).

Wildcard Search

For more complex requests you can use so-called wild cards.
  • The * represents any number of any character, including no characters.
    It can only be used in combination with at least three characters. In order to see all entries in the data base that start with the same characters, combine the characters with the wild card: e.g. if you enter Gel*, the search will return the entries Gel, Gelabber, gelabt, etc. The search *foto* will yield the search result abfotografieren, Aerofotografie, Aerofotogrammetrie etc.

  • The ? represents any single character.
    For example, the search ?ilde will return the entries Gilde, milde, Tilde, etc.
The wildcard search is not case sensitive.

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