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Noun to adjective: Conversion

Noun-to-adjective conversion is the changing of a noun to an adjective without adding other words or wordformation elements.

Noun-to-adjective conversion is not very productive, i.e. it does not form many new words. Adjectives derived from nouns by conversion belong to different classes:

Noun » regular adjectives

Barock » barock
Bankrott » bankrott
Türkis » türkis
All derivations

Noun » invariable adjectives

Orange » orange
Elsässer » Elsässer
Schweizer » Schweizer
All derivations

This class consists mainly of:
  • geographical adjectives derived from names of inhabitants ending in er. These adjectives are always written with a capital initial letter. For example: die Elsässer Weine.
  • a few colour adjectives of foreign origin (orange, sepia).

Noun » adjectives used only predicatively

Pleite » pleite
Tabu » tabu
Knockout » knockout
All derivations

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