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Noun to adverb: Suffixation

Noun-adverb-suffixation is the combination of a noun and a suffix into an adverb. There are different types of noun-to-adverb suffixation:

Direct suffixation

In this type of noun-to-adverb suffixation the suffix is added directly to the noun stem:

Probe + halber = probehalber
Bauch + lings = bäuchlings
Dutzend + mal = dutzendmal
Notfall + s = notfalls
Berg + seits = bergseits
Himmel + wärts = himmelwärts
Ansatz + weise = ansatzweise

Suffixes that are added directly to the stem:

halber lings mal s
seits wärts weise

With linking element s

Some suffixes are not always added directly to the noun stem. The linking element s is inserted between the stem and the suffix:

Beruf +  s  + halber = berufshalber
Beispiel weise = beispielsweise

The following suffixes can be used with the linking element s:

halber weise

With plural form

Some suffixes can be added to the plural form of a noun:

Umstände + halber = umständehalber
Millionen + mal = millionenmal
Tage + weise = tageweise

The following suffixes can be added to a plural noun:

halber mal weise

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