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Adjective to noun: Conversion

Adjective-to-noun conversion is the changing of an adjective to a noun without adding other words or wordformation elements.

Nouns derived from adjectives by conversion belong to different inflection classes:

Adjectival inflection

This is the most frequent type of adjective-to-noun conversion. The noun inflects like an adjective. Adjectives can be converted into masculine, feminine and neuter nouns.

alt » Alte der/die/das
angestellt » Angestellte der/die
eingemacht » Eingemachte das
gut » Gute der/die/das
gut/beste » Beste der/die/das
schuldig » Schuldige der/die
All derivations of this class

Note: In principle, every adjective can be converted into a masculine, a feminine and a neuter noun. Our dictionaries only contain the most important adjectives formed in this manner. Moreover, they do not always list all three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter). The entry Angestellte, for example, is listed as der Angestellte and die Angestellte, but not as das Angestellte. Conversely, only das Eingemachte is listed for Eingemachte, but not der Eingemachte nor die Eingemachte.

Nominal inflections

Inflection class s/e
explosiv » Explosiv     Frequent in technical languages, especially foreign adjectives ending in al, är, iv.
ideal » Ideal
synomym » Synonym
All derivations
Inflection class es/e
äquivalent » Äquivalent Foreign adjectives in technical languages as well as a few German adjectives.
fett » Fett
paradox » Paradox
All derivations
Inflection class s/s
hoch » Hoch The adjectives hoch and tief as well as foreign – mostly English – adjectives.
mini » Mini
solo » Solo
All derivations
Inflection class s/-
rot » Rot Colour adjectives as well as a few isolated cases, e.g. adjectives ending in el.
simpel » Simpel
übel » Übel
All derivations
Inflection class es/en
fossil » Fossil Infrequent. Foreign adjectives ending in il and al (plural ien) and a few other foreign adjectives.
senior » Senior
textil » Textil
All derivations
Inflection class -/en
eins » Eins Numbers and a few isolated cases.
fünf » Fünf
uniform » Uniform
All derivations

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