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The suffix euse

The suffix euse forms feminine nouns that belong to the inflection class –/en. The nouns usually denote female persons. They are often the feminine variants of masculine nouns in eur (e.g. Friseuse–Friseur). However, the feminine forms in eurin are much more common. More rarely, nouns in euse denote things (e.g. Fritteuse).

Derivation types:  Verb to noun
Noun to noun

Verb to noun

frisieren + euse = Friseuse
frittieren Fritteuse
massieren Masseuse
soufflieren Souffleuse
All derivations


Noun to noun

Noun-to-noun derivations with euse are very rare.

Ballett + euse = Balletteuse
Billet Billeteuse
All derivations

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