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The suffix ie [i:]

The suffix ie (pronounced as a long i) forms feminine nouns that belong to the inflection class -/en. The suffix is used with different meanings in scholarly and scientific languages.

Derivation types:  Adjective to noun
Neoclassical formative to noun
Neoclassical compounding
Neoclassical pre- and suffixation

Adjective to noun

analog + ie = Analogie
anomal Anomalie
infam Infamie
paradox Paradoxie
All derivations

  • Deletion of isch:
    When the adjective ends in isch, the ending is deleted:
    dämonisch + ie = Dämonie
    idiotisch Idiotie
    prophetisch Prophetie

Neoclassical formative to noun

graph + ie = Graphie
man Manie
phob Phobie
All derivations

Neoclassical compounding


astr + o + log + ie = Astrologie
bibli + o + man Bibliomanie
agog Pädagogie
All compounds


Insekt + o + log + ie = Insektologie
Japan + o + log Japanologie
o + graph Ozeanographie
All compounds


Dämon + ie = Eudämonie
heter +
+ Spore Heterosporie
Rhythmus Eurhythmie
All compounds

Neoclassical prefixation and suffixation

a + graph + ie = Agraphie
dys + lex Dyslexie
All derivations

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