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Verb to noun: Conversion of the verb stem with ablaut

This kind of verb-to-noun conversion changes a verb stem with ablaut to a noun.

Verb stem with ablaut:

The verb stem with ablaut often corresponds to the preterite stem or the perfect stem of an irregular verb:

zwingen zwang » Zwang
schneiden schnitt » Schnitt
springen gesprungen » Sprung

In some cases, the verb stem is an old, obsolete inflection form of the verb:

» Wurf
» Bruch
» Schrift

Masculine and neuter nouns

Masculine and neuter nouns formed by conversion from a verb stem with ablaut belong to the inflection class es/e. Most of these nouns are masculine.

Inflection class es/e
greifen » Griff
angreifen » Angriff
schwingen » Schwung
aufschwingen » Aufschwung
All derivations

Feminine nouns

Feminine nouns formed by conversion from a verb stem with ablaut belong to the inflection class -/en. They are relatively infrequent. Most of them are derived from the verbs sehen and schreiben.

Inflection class -/en
sehen » Sicht
einsehen » einsicht
gutschreiben » gutschrift
scheren » schur
All derivations

  • Exception: Nouns derived from kommen and its verbal derivatives belong to the inflection class:
    Inflection class -/e
    ankommen » Ankunft
    übereinkommen » Übereinkunft
    unterkommen » Unterkunft

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